Frequently Asked Questions

General Access

How do I update marvin?

Just do pip install --upgrade sdss-marvin. Marvin will get updated to the latest version, along with all the dependencies. If you want to update marvin but keep other packages in their currrent versions, do pip install --upgrade --upgrade-strategy only-if-needed sdss-marvin. This will only update dependencies if marvin does need it.

How do report a bug/request a feature?

As Marvin is on Github, we recommend submitting a Github Issue.

Why does galaxy X have a thumbnail that is all black?

Some galaxies in MaNGA are special targets from one of our ancillary science programs. These targets might end up being outside the main SDSS footprint. In these cases, the optical image retrieved using the Image Cutout Service will return a blank black field.

SDSS Collaboration Access

How come I cannot access collaboration data via the API?

Please see SDSS Collaboration Access.

How do I login?

Please see Authentication.

Do I have to login in every new python session?

No! Please see Automatically Logging In for how to set up auto-login.