Marvin contains datamodels for each of the releases of MaNGA dataset. The links below contain full descriptions of what is available for each release. Each release contains a variety of datamodels.

  • DRP datamodel: describes the output of the MaNGA Data Reduction Pipeline.

  • DAP datamodel: describes the output of the MaNGA Data Analysis Pipeline.

  • Query datamodel: describes all of the available parameters one can query on using Marvin.

  • Maskbit datamodel: describes the designated targeting and quality bits and flags used by MaNGA

  • VACs datamodel: describes which MaNGA VACs have been contributed to Marvin

Generally all datamodels provide a parameter/property name, description, units, its corresponding name in its respective FITS file, and corresponding database schema, table, and column name. All datamodels can be accessed within in the marvin.utils.datamodel module.

DRP Datamodel

The DRP datamodel contains three descriptors of MaNGA data, spectra, datacubes, and rss. spectra are 1-d arrays of data, rss are 2d-arrays of data, while datacubes are 3-d arrays of data. Access the DRP datamodels for cubes with from marvin.utils.datamodel.drp import datamodel and the datamodels for rss files with from marvin.utils.datamodel.drp import datamodel_rss.

DAP Datamodel

The DAP datamodel contains four descriptors of ManGA data, bintypes, templates, models, and properties. Bintypes and templates describe the stellar template library and binning scheme used by the MaNGA DAP. Properties represent the available 2-d outputs of the DAP, (e.g. MAPS), while models represent the model-fitting used by the DAP, (e.g. MODELCUBES). Access the DAP datamodels with from marvin.utils.datamodel.dap import datamodel.

Query Datamodel

The Query datamodel contains a list of all available queryable parameters for a given release. The important columns being the Group and full name. See the How to Guide for a full description of how to use the query datamodel. Access the Query datamodels with from marvin.utils.datamodel.query import datamodel.

Maskbit Datamodel

The Maskbit datamodel contains a description of targeting and quality flags used in the DRP, DAP, and by the Targeting Catalogs.

VACs Datamodel

The VACs datamodel contains a list and description of all VACs in a given release that have been made accessible in Marvin. See the individual “By Release” datamodel pages for available VACs in that release. Access the VAC datamodels with from marvin.utils.datamodel.vacs import datamodel.