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class marvin.api.api.Interaction(route, params=None, request_type='post', auth='token', timeout=(3.05, 300), headers=None, stream=None, datastream=None, send=True, base=None, verify=True)[source]

Bases: BrainInteraction

Marvins Interaction class, subclassed from Brain

This is the main class to make calls to the Marvin API. Instantaiate the Interaction object with a URL to make the call.

GET requests can be made without passing parameters. POST requests require parameters to be passed.

A successful call results in a HTTP status code of 200. Failures result in some other HTTP status code. Results from the successful call are stored in an sttribute called results, as a dictionary. Any data requested is stored as a key inside results called “data”

  • route (str) – Required. Relative url path of the API call you want to make

  • params (dict) – dictionary of parameters you are passing into the API function call

  • request_type (str) – the method type of the API call, can be either “get” or “post” (default: post)

  • auth (str) – the authentication method used for the API. Currently set as default to use JSON Web token authentication.

  • timeout (float|tuple) – A float or tuple of floats indicating the request timeout limit in seconds. If the server has not sent a respsonse by the time limit, an exception is raised. The default timeout is set to 5 minutes. See http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/user/advanced/#timeouts

  • headers (dict) – A custom header to send with the request

  • stream (bool) – If True, iterates over the response data. Default is False. When set, avoids reading the content all at once into memory for large responses. See request streaming

  • datastream (bool) – If True, expects the response content to be streamed back using a Python generator. All matters when Marvin Query return_all is True.

  • base (str) – Optional replacement for domain API url.


results (dict) – The Response JSON object from the API call. If the API is successful, the json data is extracted from the response and stored in this dictionary. See API/Web Routes for a description of the contents of results in each route.


>>> from marvin import config
>>> config.mode = 'remote'
>>> # import the Marvin Interaction class
>>> from marvin.api.api import Interaction
>>> # get and format an API url to retrieve basic Cube properties
>>> plateifu = '7443-12701'
>>> url = config.urlmap['api']['getCube']['url']
>>> # create and send the request, and retrieve a response
>>> response = Interaction(url.format(name=plateifu))
>>> # check your response's status code
>>> print(response.status_code)
>>> 200
>>> # get the data in your response
>>> data = response.getData()
>>> print(data)

Set the authorization